Our Team

We are a diverse and accomplished team focused on providing the most desirable strains for our community



Master Grower

Liam brings over 9 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, propagation, and facility design. Liam has been leading our Mission, British Columbia production facility since 2017 ensuring that every hand crafted, small batch harvest is world class.

Citizen Stash Bal Team Photo


Senior Grower

Bal joined Citizen Stash in 2018 after studying agriculture science with a focus on horticulture. He is passionate about the cannabis industry. At Citizen Stash Bal is and focused on environmental controls, irrigation, and plant nutrition, keeping all our crops healthy, happy, and prolific.

Citizen Stash Luke Team Photo


Grower/Propagation Specialist

 Luke started his Citizen Stash journey in 2018, coming onboard with experience in cannabis cultivation and extraction.  Luke is a propagation specialist whose focus on plant manipulation, nutrition, and environmental controls keeps our crops in the peak of health.

Citizen Stash Josh Team Photo


IPM Specialist

Josh brings four years of horticulture experience to the Citizen Stash team, along with two years in the cannabis industry. He is our Plant Maintenance Specialist who works to maintain mother stock and late stage plants through integrated pest management, veg and flower maintenance, and inspections to leave no leaf unturned.