Hand crafted, Small batch premium cannabis.


All our plants are tended by hand from start to finish. We believe that the best way to ensure consistent, high quality cannabis is to have human hands making it happen.


Our cannabis is grown in small indoor batches. This allows us to monitor plant health daily, ensuring that plants are at their best during every phase of the growth cycle.


Plants are grown under controlled conditions using specific equipment, growth media and nutrients to consistently produce the highest quality cannabis possible.

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Cannabis That Unites Us All

Citizen Stash believes that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. The global fight for equal rights, a healthy environment and freedom of speech are core beliefs of ours, and we support all peaceful means of achieving these. We want you to Stand for Something and encourage you to be active in your community.


Invest in Citizen Stash Cannabis Corp. and grow your investment through high-quality, small batch cannabis.

What We're About

Cannabis legalization was born from the civil disobedience of a society that believed its government had overstepped. We believe that global citizens have a duty to ensure that their values are reflected in the environments that they inhabit, and Citizen Stash celebrates any effort to create a more diverse and inclusive society.

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