Handcrafted. Small Batch. Premium.

Featured Strain


  • THC 25-32%
  • CBD 0%

Mac1 is a powerful 50/50 hybrid strain with a fruity scent and sweet finish. Handcrafted under small batch conditions and pesticide free make this one of the highest quality strains ever launched.

Available in pre-rolls (2 x 0.5g).

  • ... and Chill
  • Pillow Talk

Why Citizen Stash?

We believe that everybody needs to stand for something and we stand for small batch, handcrafted premium cannabis.

  • Handcrafted

    All of our plants are lovingly tended by Canada’s youngest industry recognized cultivation team led by Liam McKenzie.

  • Small Batch

    The only way to guarantee quality cannabis is in a controlled indoor environment with batch sizes that can be cared for by hand.

  • Premium

    Grown in our purpose-built facility, every effort is made to ensure that our plants are grown under very controlled conditions.

What We’re About

Cannabis legalisation was born from the civil disobedience of a society that believed its government had overstepped. We believe that global citizens have a duty to ensure that their values are reflected in the environments that they inhabit and Citizen Stash celebrates any effort to create a more diverse and inclusive society.

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Cannabis That Unites Us All

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Stand for Something

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